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    Koenig & Bauer's new corporate strategy

Key Financial Figures

Order intake1,141.3974.71,290.61,329.31,287.9
Order backlog (31 Dec.)685.9632.0806.8950.4911.5
Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)70.1-67.928.522.029.9
Earnings before taxes (EBT)63.9-73.519.013.213.0
Net group profit52.3-103.114.511.12.8
Earnings per share (€)3.15-6.270.830.630.16
Balance sheet total1,413.81,321.11,288.71,449.21,433.5
Investment in intangible assets, property, plant and equipment104.946.536.549.864.2
Depreciation on intangible assets, property, plant and equipment33.634.537.940.043.5
Dividend paid per share (€)-----
Annual average number of employees5,7635,6715,4375,3965,639

Cost of sales-868.3-979.3
Gross profit317.4347.5
Research and development costs-54.2-57.5
Distribution costs-147.3-158.1
Administrative expenses-92.8-104.7
Other operating expenses ./. income-0.6-0.9
Impairment gains and losses on finacnial assets0.33.0
Other financial results-0.80,6
Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)22.029.9
Interest result-8.8-16.9
Earnings before taxes (EBT)13.213.0
Income tax expense-2.1-10.2
Net profit/loss11.12.8
Earnings per share (€)0.630.16
€m 31.12.202231.12.2023
Non-current assets
Intangible assets144.9155.6
Property, plant and equipment248.7255.5
Investments, other financial receivables 25.525.2
Investments accounted for using the equity method16.015.1
Other assets1.63.6
Deferred tax assets89.893.2
Current assets
Trade receivables121.6156.2
Other financial receivables33.741.3
Other assets200.2149.4
Current tax assets5.34.9
Cash and cash equivalents132.296.4
Balance sheet total1,449.21,427.1
Equity and liabilities
Share capital43.043.0
Share premium87.587.5
Equity attributable to non-controlling interests1.71.5
Non-current liabilities
Pension provisions and similar obligations86.3104.8
Other provisions31.737.0
Bank loans and other financial payables158.6217.2
Other liabilities9.15.4
Deferred tax liabilities73.071.5
Current liabilities
Other provisions106.689.7
Trade payables104.779.3
Bank loans and other financial payables151.9138.6
Other liabilities299.0270.3
Current tax liabilities5.53.3
Balance sheet total1,449.21,427.1
Earnings before taxes13.213.0
Appreciation/depreciation on intangible assets, property, plant and equipment40.845.7
Currency measurement-3.65.0
Non-cash interest income/expense5.95.0
Other non-cash income/expenses1.62.7
Gross cash flow57.971.4
Changes in inventories-96.1-7.3
Changes in receivables and other assets-33.810.2
Changes in other provisions-13.9-10.5
Changes in payables and other liabilities102.6-75.5
Interest received1.51.0
Interest paid-4.4-13.0
Income tax paid-8.6-10.2
Income tax refunded0.22.1
Cash flows from operating activities5.4-31.8
Proceeds from disposal of intangible assets, property, plant and equipment3.21.2
Payments for investment in intangible assets, property, plant and equipment-44.0-52.2
Proceeds from disposal of investments0.1-
Payments for investments-20.6-4.8
Dividends received0.51.5
Payments for loans to associates-4.3-7.3
Cash flows from investing activities-65.1-61.6
Free cash flow-59.7-93.4
Proceeds from loans75.463.3
Repayment of loans-6.0-15.2
Proceeds from financial service providers-69.2
Repayment of financial service providers--46.9
Payments for lease liabilities-9.2-9.5
Changes in equity attr. To non-controlling interests0.4-0.1
Other changes in equity-1.20.4
Cash flows from financing activities59.461.2
Change in funds-0.3-32.2
Effect of changes in exchange rates3.0-3.6
Effect of changes in consolidated companies--
Funds at beginning of period 129.5132.2
Funds at end of period 132.296.4
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